The Finnish Cancer Registry provides free and paid information products and services for use in research, and by experts, authorities and individuals.

Founded in 1953, the Finnish Cancer Registry undertakes significant national and international research collaborations. Over the decades there have been an estimated 1 500 scientific articles and over 100 doctoral theses written in which the Finnish Cancer Registry researchers or material have played a key role.

In addition to its own research projects, the Finnish Cancer Registry maintains the national registry of the National Institute for Health and Welfare for the Health and Welfare comprising all cancer cases in Finland.

The Mass Screening Registry, which is part of the Finnish Cancer Registry, controls the implementation of cancer screening and evaluates screenings nationwide.

The registration of cancer in Finland was started nationwide in 1953. Since 1961, cancer notification has been mandatory.

The Finnish Cancer Registry has been the forerunner of major screening studies in the world. The Mass Screening Registry was set up in 1968 and has collected cervical cancer screening data since 1963.