Other types of cancer screening

Finland has participated in a European joint study that found PSA-based screening reduces the deaths from prostate cancer by a fifth (4. Schröder et al., 2014). Despite this, prostate screening is still not recommended in any European country due to the disadvantages it has caused, including considerable overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

Screening of smokers using low dose computed tomography has cut lung cancer mortality by a fifth (5. van der Aalst et.al., 2016). However, such screening is not being recommended for the time being due to the unnecessary follow-up measures brought about. The screening of lung cancer is being studied through renewed testing methods in the Netherlands and other countries.
An extensive screening for ovarian cancer screening is currently underway and the mortality estimates will be completed in the next few years (6. Jacobs et al 2016). Stomach cancer screening has been studied in countries with high incidence of this cancer (7. Ford et al., 2014). In countries with a low rate of stomach cancer such as Finland, screening is not considered necessary.


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