Cancer in men 2017

Cancer in women 2017

The numbers of cases of the most common cancers by different age group in 2017

Children and youth

Under 20-year-olds


20-69 year-olds

The rest of the people


Cancer in 2030

Cancer incidence among different age groups from 1953 – 2013 and forecast trend in different age groups until 2030. The forecast was done in March 2016.


Age group 0-64

The number of cancers found in people under the age of 65 will decline slightly from 2013 to 2030.


Age group 65-74

The impact concerning large age groups is clearly seen in the numbers of cancers diagnosed in 65-74-year-olds. The annual number of cases will increase by 23% a year until 2020, but will decline thereafter.


Age group 75+

The number of cases among people over 75-years-old is predicted to almost double between 2013 and 2030.

Statistic application

You can use the Finnish Cancer Registry’s interactive statistic application to browse statistics, view them in graphs and tables, and download the statistics you select to your own computer.

More detailed statistics from the interactive statistic application

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Cancer in Finland