Come and carry out research with us

Are you interested in carrying out cancer research? You are welcome to come to us and conduct research on a variety of cancer-related research topics that will greatly benefit from using our unique registry for both cancer and cancer screening.

Our scientific staff inter alia supervise dissertations, graduate studies and theses for advanced medical studies. Typical research topics include cancer incidence and mortality, the importance of socio-economic factors in cancers and cancer screenings, and screening quality.

If you are interested in conducting research at the Cancer Registry, contact the research team leaders who often also act as tutors.

It is possible to make a data request for statistical cancer information required for your research by using the information request form. You must have a study authorization granted by the National Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) before making the request. Our Statistics Tool also enables you to personally extract the statistics you need for your research.

You can also follow our research work on twitter #CanReg.