Research themes

The Finnish Cancer Registry does research on why Finns get cancer, how getting cancer could be prevented, how cancer could be detected at an early stage as possible and which factors affect the survival of cancer patients.

The Finnish Cancer Registry’s research focuses on investigating causes and the burden of cancer in the Finnish population. Typical research topics and themes include the link between lifestyle and the environment, and cancer risk and survival prognoses for cancer sufferers. Statistical methods for registry-oriented cancer research are also developed in order that the information extracted from the data are of the highest quality.

The Mass Screening Registry assesses existing screening programmes and evaluates potential new programmes at the population level. Population-based screening must be based on reliable evidence of its effectiveness. Research data on the acceptability, impact on quality of life and cost of screening are also required. The scope of the evaluation research at Mass Screening Registry includes new screenings, updates of existing programmes, and evaluations of screening quality.

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