Service fees

The Finnish Cancer Registry maintains the statutory Cancer Registry of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and adheres to THL's pricing principles in its service activities.

The Cancer Registry and its breast cancer and cervical cancer screening registers contain data that cover the prevalence, prevention, treatment and medical rehabilitation of cancer and the use of services. This information includes the patient’s personal data, cancer information, death certificate information, and information from breast and cervical cancer screenings.

Data collected for the Finnish Cancer Registry are only collected for statistical purposes and scientific research. The THL may grant permission to disclose registry information for scientific research and statistical purposes as specified by the National Person Register of Finnish Health Care Act and the Personal Data Act. Any other cancer information is provided at the discretion of the Cancer Registry.

The data disclosed is unidentifiable and given in tabular format so that the privacy of the subjects of the registry data is not compromised. When requesting registry data, all parties are obliged to provide an account of the purposes for which the requested information is to be used.


Cost free products and services

statistical information for general use
• annual statistical publication of the Cancer Registry in a digital format
• media requests for information
• small-scale (under 15-minute) guidance and information services

Paid products and services

• tailor-made custom information extraction from the database
• ordered statistics and statistical analyses
• editing information and other extensive information requests
• training and consultancy services

Pricing principles and prices

Pricing is based on the following principles:

  • service activities are in line with THL’s pricing principles
  • the hourly rate for a paid service is 163 €, with a minimum charge of 2½ hours
  • 24% VAT is not added to prices
  • in the event of a chargeable information request, a cost estimate is made to the client as required

Examples of prices as of 19 April 2018:

  • information extraction from the database, starts at 410 €
  • new cancer cases and deaths and age-related incidence and mortality in tabular form, starts at 410 €. The price increases with breakdown into sex, age group, university hospital district, and hospital district.
  • calculation of the prevalence according to sex, age group, university hospital district and hospital district, starts at  600 €
  • calculation of relative survival rate, starts at 600 €
  • SIR calculation, starts at 800 €

The user is not billed for the costs of gathering and processing the data, as the data has already been collected for the public administration’s own needs. However, according to the Criteria for Charges Payable to the State Act, the authority must invoice for extra work that is entailed, inter alia, by a researcher’s assignment to extract certain variables from the register. THL’s pay-per-view services are conducted under the auspices and regulations of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland.

Processing time

The processing time of information requests is affected by the clarity and pertinence of the information and reports submitted. Processing of requests will be expedited if the Information Request Form is completed carefully and the request contains all the necessary attachments.