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The registry provides statistical analytical services for cancer researchers at all stages of research projects. Routine service activities include baseline calculations of incidences of cancer, mortality, and survival rate aspects.



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Based on permission from Findata or THL

The Health and Social Data Permit Authority Findata may grant permissions concerning the use of personal data referred to in the Act on Secondary Use of Health and Social Data (552/2019). As an exception, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) may grant permission (Act on the National Institute for Health and Welfare (668/2008)) if the applicant works for THL and does not need data from another registrar referred to in the Act on Secondary Use.


Request for other statistical material

Other cancer information is provided at the discretion of the Chief Medical Officer at the registry. The data disclosed are anonymous and given in a tabular format so that the privacy and anonymity of the subjects is not compromised. When requesting registry data, all parties are obliged to provide an account of the purposes for which the requested information is to be used.




Further information on the variables and instructions for sending secure encrypted email to the Cancer Registry:

Elli Hirvonen tel. +358 50 327 6716 or kirjaamo(at)

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